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ازاى احصل على الدعم المالى من كورسيرا Updated | Financial Aid Coursera financial aid coursera

What does financial aid mean? This is the financial support program that Coursera offers to people who are unable to pay the certificate’s money. A new way to get financial support from Coursera 2020: A full explanation of the #Coursera 2019 website from here: How to get a certificate from Coursera and upload it to LinkedIn: 1- What is Coursera? It is one of the most famous and best educational sites that offer online courses from the best international universities, such as (Stanford University – Philadelphia University – Pennsylvania university – Illinois university) and other universities in more than 27 countries in the world! How to make a free Google account and have gmail: Support the channel on patreon so that we can deliver the message to the largest number, and develop the content, from here: Recommendations for the most important course on Coursera: Financial support answers for Coursera. Answer to the first question: Hello. I am I am from Egypt, I am a student at Faculty of, I have applied for this financial for many reasons which I will mention it later. first, I still a student so I can not afford any money, also my father income can not afford these courses, I can say that we deal in our country with the pound, not with dollars, it is so so so difficult to pay for all courses, my daily routine is very busy, I can not take a job beside my college, even if I have worked to take these online courses, our currency is very very very low with respect to dollars. so, all circumstances are against to pay for these courses, for these reasons and other reasons I wish I can take this course for no charges, I hope so, so I can achieve my goals and take this course which I think will help me a lot. also, I wish I can be able to afford all courses the future. I wish this financial aid be accepted, so I can take this course for no charges, really I am in bad need for this course, so it will help me a lot, if this financial aid has been accepted, I will be thank you for give me this chance to take this course and to learn online for free. Answer 2: I think this course is very very important for me. also, i think it is the best time to take this course and the best site also. In my opinion, this course will change my life and my career to the best.every one of us has his own goals and dreams, so they seek to achieve these goals, for me I think it is my goal, my hope or I can say my dream. This course supposes to improve my career and make my position in work much better. This course will make me able to improve my skills, improve my knowledge about this subject and improve my career. it is very important for me to reinforce this branch of knowledge, so I can use it in the future in my job. This course is especially common between people who are interested in this field, so I want to be distinguished in this field. This field of science is very common today and a very important source to be successful. An article explaining how to obtain financial support from the Coursera website after the 2019 update _____________________________________________ If you are looking for: How to take a Coursera Verified Certificate for free How to benefit from the Internet in education Online education Tips for self-education A detailed explanation of the Coursera website for self-education How to obtain accredited certificates From international universities for free through the Coursera website How to get a free accredited certificate on the Coursera website Coursera Explanation of the Coursera website in Arabic How to use Coursera in Arabic My experience with Coursera How to study from Coursera Register for a course on Coursera, in addition to taking a certificate, all for free Coursera is the most expensive certificates in the world for free through the coursera free courses and certificates website A detailed explanation of the Coursera self-education website How to take free courses on Coursera – How to get free courses on Coursera Coursera is free with certificates from international universities. How to take online courses in Coursera for FREE . How do I take courses for free on Coursera How do I apply for Financial Aid Coursera if I need it? How to get a free certification in coursera 3 / You must control your English in order to excel in your field, work and life – How to learn English from films in a practical way: Follow us on our website, you will find treasures: To subscribe to the Practical Reading Club channel: Follow our Facebook page from here: .

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ازاى احصل على الدعم المالى من كورسيرا Updated | Financial Aid Coursera

ازاى احصل على الدعم المالى من كورسيرا Updated | Financial Aid Coursera

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#ازاى #احصل #على #الدعم #المالى #من #كورسيرا #Updated #Financial #Aid #Coursera
ازاى احصل على الدعم المالى من كورسيرا Updated | Financial Aid Coursera
financial aid coursera
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  1. انا قدمت ف الدعم المادي واتقبل .. وبدأت ف الكورس .. بس وانا بجاوب اول كويز لقيت خانة honor code اكتب فيها ايه ؟

  2. ربنا يجازيك كل خير أستاذ أحمد
    أنا عندي سؤال :
    هلأ كل كورس بدي أسجل فيه وأحصل عليه بشكل مجاني ضروري أعمل الطريقة دي تعت Financial aid?

  3. سجلت Enroll for free لدورة تدريبية

    وبعد ذلك قمت بالغاء الاشتراك فى نفس الوقت

    عشان اسجل على الدعم المالى ولكن كورسيرا

    بيكتب على الدورة السابقة تسجيل Enroll فقط
    وخانه الدعم المالى غير موجودة ؟

  4. بالنسبه للمنحه السوريه انا لست سوريه عادي اسجل ك سوريه؟ لكن عندما ارسل هويتي يظهر فيها اني عراقيه؟ هل يتم منحي شهاده ام لا .

  5. ربنا يجازيك خير لكن فى سؤال مهم جدا وانت مجاوب عليه موافق فى الفيديو وهو : Would you consider using a low-interest loan to pay for your courses?

    هل تفكر في استخدام قرض بفائدة منخفضة لدفع تكاليف الدورات الخاصة بك؟
    يعنى لو خدت مره كورس مجانى مش هيرضى يديك التانى الا لما تاخد تمويل منهم بفايده ولازم تسدده واكيد لازم وجود ضمانات للتمويل ده

  6. لو سمحت ازاي اقدر اعمل فلترة الكورسات على الموبايل علشان آخذ الكورس باللغة العربية
    مش بقدر اعملها

  7. حضرتك انا بقدم من الفون بيقولى انه هتتشاف بعد ١٤يوم بس مش بيدينى لينك افتح بيه عشان اقدم زى ما فى الفيديو

  8. لو سمحت انا ضغط علي الكورس جالي علطول go to class من غير enroll او الرابط بتاع learn more and apply ؟ اعمل ايه ؟

  9. جزاك الله كل خير انا عملتfinancial aid وفى quiz بيقول up to premium اعمل ايه عشان اخد الشهادة المفروض لما اخلص كل اسبوع يعمل علامة اخضر .الموقع بيعملها لكن ف الصفحة الرئيسية مش بوضع العلامة ع الأسابيع اللى اخذتها اعمل ايه ارجو الرد ضرورى

  10. الصورة صغيرة ماش واضحة لملا السؤال ؟؟ وهل نملا المعلومات من بطاقة التعريف او من جواز السفر ؟؟ ونعملوا نسخة ما فهمتش

  11. لو سمحت
    انا جالي confirm بس علي الجميل ومطلبش تصوير البطاقه او حاجه وخلصت معاك الخطوات وقالي استني 15 يوم ،انا كدا ماشي صح؟؟

  12. السلام عليكم من فضلك انا سجلت ف كورسيرا مجاني وخلصت كورس واتبعت الخطوات علشان اخد الشهاده لكن قالي الغي الاشتراك المجاني الاول والا سيرفض طلبك فما هو الحل،،.

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