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तुरंत BUY तुरंत करोड़पति । g b finance

COMPANY NAME DATE PRICE YOUTUBE LINK KILPEST 21-Jan 337 SAKSOFT 28-Jan 340 sagar cement 30-Jan 651 GENESYS 1-Feb 68 SHRIRAM PISTON 4-Feb 796 RAJRATAN 4-Feb 573 PRINCE PIPE 7-Feb OR 401 INDOBORAX 14- INDOBORAX 14- INDOBORAX 14-Feb OR 401 INDOBORAX K 14- INDOBORAX CHE 18-Feb 72.8 BAJAJ STEEL 19-Feb 358 DOLAT INV 5-Mar 52.7 JYOTI RESINES 9-Mar 479 DIVIS LEBORTIES 9-Mar 3508 AGARWAL IND 28-Mar 160 MINDTREE 1-Apr 2076 POLYCAB INDIA 3-Apr 1396 CAPLIN POINT 13- Apr 453 GLOBUS SPIRITES 16-Apr 315 BALKRISHANA IND 20-Apr 1692 VIDHI SPECIALTY 21-Apr 180 GUJARAT THEMIS 21-Apr 226 RADICO KHAITAN 21-Apr 514 BALAXI PHARMA 23-Apr 568 KEI INDUSTRIES 25- PORT 568 KEI INDUSTRIES 24-Apr 596 S PORT 24-Apr 596 S RAJRATAN GLO 26-Apr 839 HLE GLASCOAT 27-Apr 2231 NGN FINE CHE 30-Apr 1584 MASTEK 30-Apr 1623 ANGLE BROKING 6-May 512 VIJAY SOLVEX 7-May 2069 EKI ENERGY 8-May 332 SHRI BAERJANG 10-May 159 NITIN SITIN 11-May 104 HIGH ENERGY 12-May 776 GOLDIAM INT 12-May 399 STOVEC IND 13-May 2187 BOROSIL REN 15-May 278 COSMO FILM 22-May 804 GULSHAM POLY 22-May 176 KANPUR PLA 25-May 198 SH RI JAGDAMBA 26-May 638 LUX INDUSREIES 27-May 2312 THIRUMALAI 27-May 134 SHARE INDIA 28-May 508 STYLAM IND 28-May 897 GOKUL AGRO 28-May 30 TEXMO PIPE 29-May 56 NAHAR SPI 2-Jun 149 SMC GLOABLE 8 -Jun 83 PRAVEG 9-Jun 74 DHP INDIA 10-Jun 591 NAHAR CAPITAL 10-Jun 136 PRECOT LTD 11-Jun 182 FAIRCHEM 11-Jun 1294 AMINS &PLIZER 11-Jun 108 AMBIKA COTTON 12-Jun 1231 KPR MILLS 12-Jun 1560 AGAR IND 15-Jun 262 SCAN STEEL 16-Jun 29 HINDUJA GLO 19-Jun 2348 INTENSE TEC 19-Jun 72 SIMPLX CAST 23-Jun 21.4 SAREGAMA IND 24-Jun 2720 RAMA PH 24-Jun 218 My Whatsapp Number 8625071353 Disclaimer:- This video is only for the education and knowledge purpose, Before taking any decisions of buying and Selling of shares, Please once consult with your your adviser or do your own research. The Channel would not be responsible for any gain as well as for losses. I am not SEBI registered. Thanks.

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तुरंत BUY तुरंत करोड़पति ।

तुरंत BUY तुरंत करोड़पति ।

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तुरंत BUY तुरंत करोड़पति ।
g b finance
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  1. Request you to please add PEG ratio as well along with PE ratio in the first segment. This will give an understanding of future growth prospects alongside the valuation

  2. Hello sir what you say about sintex plastics which soo much under value aisi company key bare mey apka kyaa vision hai…..if you are long term person definitely you have knowledge about this……. want your opinion

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