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3 Ways To Make $100,000 A Year With A Digital Marketing Agency digital marketing agency

How to really make $100,000 a year with your agency and not go crazy from the stress.

Digital marketing and social media marketing gurus are always spouting off that you can make $100,000 a year with an agency with zero experience.

And sure there have been a few people who didn’t have any skills who found a way to make $100,000 (while losing lots of clients), but it is rare.

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How rare is $100,000 a year income? 50% of all households in the US make less than $61,000 per year. Individuals make about $31,000 on average.

These are hard-working people so do you really believe that someone with the skills of a teenager starting a job at McDonald’s is going to earn 3 times as much as the average American?

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It’s really unlikely.

So in this video I share with you the 3 ways that you can leverage your expertise to make a six figure income as a digital marketing freelancer, solopreneur, or as an agency owner. .

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3 Ways To Make $100,000 A Year With A Digital Marketing Agency

3 Ways To Make $100,000 A Year With A Digital Marketing Agency

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3 Ways To Make $100,000 A Year With A Digital Marketing Agency
digital marketing agency
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31 thoughts on “3 Ways To Make $100,000 A Year With A Digital Marketing Agency digital marketing agency”

  1. So if my plan is to have an agency, should I stop focusing on sharpening my craft (since I will not be really using it) and go strait to focus on building my agency and business skills?

  2. Iโ€™m just on a binge Tim all Sunday roll. This shit is so good Tim I canโ€™t even believe it. The more I listen the more I feel like the rabbit in Alice, so much to do and so little time.
    How much time and effort do you think dual-entrepreneurs should spend on social channels outside of YouTube and LinkedIn?
    Consistently delivering content for our brand is easy to let go of when clients have a more urgent needs.
    Then again as I type this out, I canโ€™t help but feel like Iโ€™m spitting excuses.
    I just need to block out that hour a day of content creation for Svaren just as I would for a client.
    Again so much to do and so little time.
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™ โœŒ๏ธ

  3. As an asset, keep or sell it. Repeat that process. __. Typically a business asset sells for a multiple per the average of 5-years revenue. Sometimes (as in technology) the selling multiple is 18 times .

  4. Why not create a narrow, clearly defined, easily subcontracted and scalable medium priced productized service (ex: $500-$1500/month) with a goal of getting 50 clients?

  5. Tim Iโ€™m 18, I started my agency business by hiring the experts already and using their skills to benefit my clients. So far I have 5 clients, so far so good. Just thought Iโ€™d share my insight .

  6. Very strude video, Tim.

    Currently at stage 2 myself in your definitions with contractors but really relate to stage 1, my god I have some horror stories๐Ÿ˜… ($400/month Client I spoke to more than my partner!) but love the vid, so thought I'll comment.

    Absolutely bombed with trying to market a fitness app, student fitness blog throughout University and initially with Clients (so, I know your right regarding the skillset learning curve)

  7. Tim, you're video quality kicks ass compared to when you first started! I've been catching up on your content lately. I like this video allot. I'm in the soloprenaur stage now (thanks to your help) and always felt a bit guilty for not getting into an agency but I realize that's not for me. The time commitment and stress levels is what always deterred me based on what I saw at the agency I came from. I had my second child in May and was able to spend the whole summer with the family probably working 20 hour weeks. It's great! I also am taking the extra cash we have an investing instead of building out the company. Thanks Tim!

  8. Hi Tim been watching your videos … Great content… Can you suggest me courses or books on building a proper company as in hiring your first employee to building a team…thanks!

  9. As someone who watched carefully your videos, I was bored at the beginning of this one due to the repetition that was talked about in other older videos and was ready to leave and kept saying that you can't be that crazy and repeat something you talked about before. Got back to the excited mode at step 2 midway…

    Oh BTW, stop blaming FAKE GURUS for stupid courses for beginners. You do not offer any info that helps a beginner get his first client. Where else a beginner can look for answers? FAKE GURUS. Everyone pretends they know it all… You were a beginner too and you fell for the FAKE GURU too because you were in need of answers!

  10. Thanks Tim! I really love your channel. I feel every video answers a question I have but also creates a new one. In this case, for those of us noobs, solopreneurs, etc. can you maybe do a video on how to find clients that can pay you more? I think we get caught up with doing volume as we're told by the "gurus" because we don't have access to the higher paying clients. So, instead of going deep as you advise, we go wide and get stuck spinning our wheels. I know we have to start small and grow into bigger clients, but while we're developing our skills and working with 10-12 smaller clients that can only spend so much, how would you suggest we graduate to finding higher paying clients? I would also love to have you talk more about pricing our services. I hear a lot that in marketing we should follow the 10X rule, but how can we charge a fee high enough to cover our expenses and still have a fair margin without knowing whether or not our strategy will work for the client to bring them 10X of what they spend on us?

  11. Thanks Tim! Loved the video. I bought into a 2 grand course last year on how to build a digital marketing agency in 3 months and just after a few weeks realized it's all bullshit and the content was really generic. I have never seen myself as an agency or even a real business owner so far. So my wife and I offer digital marketing services like advertising, funnelbuilding etc.

    What would you suggest how to brand yourself if not calling yourself an agency? We are more in the solo or duopreneur stage with a few freelancers doing some copywriting, accounting and videography for us.

    It feels really weird calling ourselves marketing agency on our website but it's just such a common term for what we do. Would you still brand yourself as an agency or is there a better way? Is it even important if you call yourself agency or not?

  12. Great topic, excited to hear your answer. I work full-time as a Java developer and have started a digital agency (websites and fb advert have about 5 clients now) on the side. I've followed many of yours and Miles suggestions which have worked great. My question is this can I make more then I currently make (I make around 120k/year doing Java)? Thx

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