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How Britain's Bankers Made Billions From The End Of Empire | Timeline financial documentary

How Britain transformed from a colonial power into a global financial power. At the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of offshore secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it behind obscure financial structures in a web of offshore islands.

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How Britain's Bankers Made Billions From The End Of Empire | Timeline

How Britain's Bankers Made Billions From The End Of Empire | Timeline

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How Britain's Bankers Made Billions From The End Of Empire | Timeline
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42 thoughts on “How Britain's Bankers Made Billions From The End Of Empire | Timeline financial documentary”

  1. And while the sheep are fighting about left this, right that… the people who really run the world continue business as usual, without anyone really caring.

  2. Britain need to rip that oxygen hose from her decrepit royal nostrils and get her washing windows, fall . Oh bother ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ get Charles? Na F him. N his frat jokes . Good day, Willy my boy. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜ž god save the, Queen! God bless the king! Ur in boy. Westminster quarter to 12. Prompt no drink no candy. That happens he will abdicate n Uginia is next. ๐Ÿ˜ณ hello dark age again

  3. Britain is very clever in "hiding" it's wealth and pretending to be a fair, moral and just society where everyone is treated equally. Realistically though they are the biggest enablers of a two tier system economically and legally. They wanted to create a system where the economic elites play by their own set of rules and everyone else has to play in the rat race. Wealthy peoples money is separate from everyone else' money , it enjoys all the benefits with little to no risks and when it does get into trouble, it gets bailed out and replaced by the tax money from the masses.
    That facade has been slowly unraveling for a long time now, the only question is , what are people going to do about it. When is the breaking point.

  4. This documentary reflects my thoughts for years now on the very true reasons for England to quit the EU. It was all about money, nothing else. Every other argument was a distraction from the elephant in the room. England fosters crime and terror worldwide through its core financial structures. Therefore the whole state is a criminal organization in the the disguise of a democracy. Hence, they have no right whatsoever to criticize any other nation in the world on anything. Like Switzerland they should be conquered and dissolved to a thousand pieces.

  5. Same old story, you kill every opponent and take their gold until you have more than anyone and then you Claim that you are a ROYAL. Get all youโ€™re influencers on board with this by paying them off and they convince the populace that this is fact. What an absolute load of Equine Excrement!๐Ÿคฃ

  6. Now you know the real reason for Brexit, the rules and controls imposed under the European Union was just too troublesome to continue to deal with. This is also why the UK never joined the currency union with the EU. The worst part is that all these financial players convinced the most gullible people in the UK that leaving the EU was for nationalistic reasons.

  7. Little city of London with its own "private police force" like the forces to whom usual rules dont apply , for example the wrongfull arrest of Julian Assange from a foreign embassy . Sounds very Zionist mafia driven ie Rothschild driven !!!!

  8. The string of coups and assassinations post-1960 in developing countries were always linked to Europe eliminating good leaders from developing their countries…

  9. The UK is a Regime, the Most Powerful Regime.

    Fashion and Luxury elements such as Diamonds let to do money laundry in a stable way in order or to change the law, or to change the politics around the world.

    British Secrecy is part of the personal business of all members of the British Parliament.
    Corruption is legal and mandatory for the functions of the US Congress and all Financial model among the UK and the USA.

    The independence of the USA is the first time when British Bankers clean money in a legal way paying no tax at all so in pro the wrong distribution of capital inside the UK.
    This way, the military expenditure cleaned money both ways (USA & the UK) and by killing many of Landlords and Businessman the total capital among the UK and the USA be kept in less hands, all those hands related to the British Secrecy and British Parliament Members.

    The UK and the USA don't live from the Real Economy (like China), they live from high expenditure with a massive big Government and subcontractors in pro to keep the seats of the Politicians.

    In the UK, and in the USA there are two books as Mafia does.

  10. This will happen when China develops fusion ahead of everyone else and sells the technology to the west. Dollar will be dropped as reserve.

  11. David Cameron pushing Greensill Capital also wreaks of corruption. I believe it was a payroll financing company for public sector employees and charging the tax payer interest to provide the โ€œserviceโ€. A complete waste of money the NHS canโ€™t afford. I was delighted to hear it went bust but how many other of these types of things donโ€™t we hear about but end up paying for.

  12. I think, they should –
    "Give to: "support_ Asian and AfriCAN_ Entrepreneurs etc."": to: "make -up for their history??" **Though; they could "use this: as (a) part of: their P.R.!!"??**!?

  13. "Legitimate financial activity has no need for the secrecy financial havens provide" == "If you don't have anything to hide you shouldn't be worried about the Patriot Act."

    The logical fallacy is exactly the same.

  14. This video must become required as a 1- or 2-year Modern Civics class .Its concept s have replaced Enlightment Era banking .

    But it will take another century ,at least …— Too little ,too late .

  15. Greed! It will be OUR downfall, all of us will go down because of this limitless lust & desire for more, more MORE. . .
    Either we ALL learn to live in moderation or we go down. The writing is on the wall…

  16. Google the Cecil Rhodes trust… Its no conspiracy, they admit this in their literature. Britains empire didn't die/end. It was just repackaged to fool the idiotic masses. Worked a charm too…

  17. Offshore is a mechanism to transact large scale investment without having to be concerned about political interference risk, and yes there is a tax upside. And I would say that the growth has been for tax benefits 100%. But it is purely a matter of paper. Nothing in the real world has moved. All a sovereign nation needs to do is change tax law to ensure it has effective legislation that taxes these operations at source within their borders. Issue solved. The remaining issue that wealth might be accumulated in secret by dictators or drug dealers exist but I see no reference to digital currency which of course is the real concern when it comes to hidden proceeds of crime and their ability to transact with it outside of AML/CFT.

  18. lol. so uk indirectly protects criminals of the world and provides secure storage for their money therefore crimes. ๐Ÿ˜› that makes sense about their political stupidity and starts making sense that they are not stupid but secretly money hungry :/

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