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I JUST SPENT $22,000 on this $2 STOCK financial education

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Well Today I woke up and I chose to SPEND! I have not talked about this specific stock in a long time! Since I have talked about it, the stock price has gone down. So today I put in $22,000 in this stock! This stock is also a $2 stock! I will also talk to you about revenue predictions and why this stock should be valued based off a price to sales ratio rather than a PE ratio.

Hope you enjoy this video! Don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button for me! Also let me know what you think of this stock that I mentioned in this video! Are you an owner of this stock? Also let me know what stocks you are buying! Have a great day!

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I JUST SPENT $22,000 on this $2 STOCK

I JUST SPENT $22,000 on this $2 STOCK

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I JUST SPENT $22,000 on this $2 STOCK
financial education
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38 thoughts on “I JUST SPENT $22,000 on this $2 STOCK financial education”

  1. This would have been a lot easier to follow if you had given stock prices rather than or along with revenue numbers. We all had to to the math, meaning either pause the video several times or ignore what you said for a half minute or more. I finally just gave up. You didn't care to make a good video this time.

  2. I believe in this company but I’m currently down 50%+ of my original investment. I bought in when it was in the $5.00 range. It’s currently my worst performer. I don’t even look at it anymore. All that red makes my stomach do flip flops lol. Like I said I am a believer so I’m in it for the long hall.

  3. I think I like the stock too, but I don't like buying after a long price decline, because I imagine that in these situations there are countless bag holders waiting for an exit … and I don't want to use my money to bail them out, just so they can sell all their shares.

  4. Great video! I’ve been covering this stock on my channel since before you first pumped it last year. I think we’re at an inflection point in the stock. I think your forecasts are quite conservative when you look at their own forecast production and average sales price.

  5. Everybody has been talking about the market crash, but nobody is really telling us where to put our money right now that we can invest and make money either before the crash, during the crash and after the crash I think that’s the most valuable information right now.

  6. I would do a video on ,If you see amc at the same price it is now by Friday 2:30, buy as much as you can, if not disregard the video,i but there is chum in the water.

  7. This guy has a lot of losers. That nordstrom stock he has been pushing is down 7 dollars today ….Betcha that hurts his wallet. Be careful not to follow this guy down the tubes

  8. I just loaded up on these stocks, but my questions is how can I make short term profit, I read articles of investors that made over $200K after a couple trades and I'd appreciate clue on how to make better profit

  9. Following from recent company press release…The Company expects the ramp up of capacity of Line 1 to continue into the fall as it targets 40,000 lbs per day on average starting in Q4 2021; gradually increasing to an average of 60,000 lbs per day in early Q1 2022.which have an average sales price of CDN$14 per lb in e-Commerce and CDN$7 per lb in wholesale.

    Over 100 million next year for 2022 out of just the Vancouver facility

  10. You can't just evaluate the company with price to sales. In the end of the day they need to produce great EPS someday and not dilute the shareholders to hell.

  11. What about "beyond meat" stock, they have already branched out to Europe. Too bad the prices of these plant based meats are higher then actual meat, which is a bit mindboggling.

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