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Is NHAI in Fine Financial Health? Or Will India Pay for Needless Bravado? financial health

This week Sucheta Dalal, talks about the status of NHAI.

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Is NHAI in Fine Financial Health? Or Will India Pay for Needless Bravado?

Is NHAI in Fine Financial Health? Or Will India Pay for Needless Bravado?

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Is NHAI in Fine Financial Health? Or Will India Pay for Needless Bravado?
financial health
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43 thoughts on “Is NHAI in Fine Financial Health? Or Will India Pay for Needless Bravado? financial health”

  1. No problem. waive off loans of nhai when govt can waive of govt psu debts . U r just considering only finance of nhai but not the effect of the roads on economy of that region .which roads act like catalyst and life line for economy of that region promote easy travel , tourism, attract fdi etc. And u have no problems in giving freebees but u have problems when their r buliding infrastructure.

  2. The point is. You want to make all money then builds roads.. by the time the roads doesn't make any sense.. our congress made 1:4 ratio price for land and went off from the power.. whom to blame.. everyday we registered lacs of vehicles . Where do all this run or struck jn traffic. We have see how much the importance of roads without traffic and hassle free . 1 example from bangalore to bijpaur it used to take 12 to 14 hours and no guarantee of time.. but know we reach in 8 hours by bus and by it takes 6 hours.. u don't feel you are tired and you saving money and time and less accidents

  3. very good points. infra companies under report toll collections and pocket the difference. it is not the length but also the quality of roads built and the efficiency of toll collection that matters. and we are talking about expressways and highways. there is no accountability of smaller roads. I once remember driving through a road that was not even completely built and the contractor was collecting toll. Govt. must force itself and other infra companies to outsource toll collection to a independent third party which gets a fixed commission on tolls. Tolls are a tax. they go right out of common man and business pocket's.

  4. Respected Madam, Kindly clarify the following: Had the same money been invested in upgrading the railway tracks, rolling stocks, etc would it have been beneficial to common public? I feel investing on roads is a sheer waste of money. RO – RO type of system as in Konkan Railways where trucks are loaded on rail wagons and dispatched should be introduced throughout India. . This will save fossil fuel and reduce pollution.

  5. NHAI is a CORRUPTION HEAVEN–regardless of what Gabdgakari says. I know people in NHAI who have money abroad and these are bureaucrats. Think of what politicians made. Why cannot CAG, if he honest and not corrupt by now, do an audit and fix blame. Set a special court and hang the corrupt, but also attach their properties before hanging them.

  6. A very informative video, ma'am. May your stellar service continue. Unless our people wake up to the extortion a.k.a toll collections things will go be normal to the powers that be.

  7. Well said, The work on Panipat Delhi highway being constructed by Essel group is shut since months and still Tolls r being collected. There was no need of 6 six lanning as yet. There r some Projects in Punjab/ Haryana which r going fine with delays.

  8. Which developed country has built massive infrastructure without massive debt ? Dont look at NHAI as if it is corporate balance sheet ….. whatever is being done is justified. (do analysis of how china built its infra in the 80s & 90s, how may times they faced & delt with NPA, restructuring). These projects have knock on benefits which u ignore (EVA analysis).

  9. The inventory: We have 3 million trucks

    If each contribute just 15 to 20 lac per quarter (about 1.25 to two lac per week)

    Then 4.5 to 6 trillion per quarter fund will be in advance; in the accounts, can be utilized to finance all the government expenditure including the infrastructure development. (annual 18 to 24 trillion)

    The challenge:

    Average truck speed could be 50 km per hour means one truck can cover approximately 20X50= 1000 kilometer per day.

    In Indian condition of corruption they are stopped on roads, borders for checking documents, weight because of that daily average distance covered…(more)


  10. Toll booths and long ques to pay toll cut down speed of travel. Need to solve this problem. Even after collecting tolls quality of maintenance and fencing is deteriorating in some locations leading to accidents. These issues need to be addressed.

  11. Hey u journo ! U Must have probably studied in Delhi Stephanie, or similar mindset colleges, and u could b one of those Delhi lutyens living in big house, enjoying big car telling others the effect of global warming is, paying 0% tax, using ur connection to rig the system for your benefits … Now you r feeling so much love for India, hahaha you fool. Even a kid can understand your hidden agenda. One more thing 30 years ago only people who had money went to good schools, hence new English. Today my housekeeper's son and daughter can speak English, read and explain better than you fool

  12. Mam can you make one video on what u ssid about power sector has happend now nd long back in Congress regime,, plzz,, or can i get ny source to knw wht nd how all had happened to power sector

  13. Sadly nobody in Govt seems doing cost benefit analysis of massive and project mostly cost overrun. Minister is behaving like boss and not caring . Prepaid toll paid passes may be for quarterly be accepted . India is inefficient ly run and given diversity in Govt views. Quoting low price to get tender is old practice. Contractor knows Govt will mess up and delay and that will give opportunity to raise all claims.

  14. NHAI seems to be a can of worms. Isn't there standard budgetary control? Who gives them money? What are finance ministry & RBI doing? Is NHAI going to be an albatross around the neck of India? Sovereign guarantee will hurt Indian economy severely. Gadkari should be dissociated from NHAI before further damage is done.

  15. Sucheta….. If there has been increase in liabilities, then there would have been creation of some asset also…. right ? Or is it that the entire increase in liabilities is attributed to loss ? Point is where has money gone…..asset creation or loss making ?? And as always… I always appreciate your endeavors for reporting on financial matters, very very few real women in this domain.

  16. I feel so enlightened after listening to your well researched, thoroughly examined and articulated responses to the national issues of utmost importance.
    Thank you so much Ma'am for exhibiting such quality journalism without any cost. I'll forever be indebted to you for this.

    Thank you

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