Make Money Online with a Business Directory make money online business

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In this video I break down a great way to make money online, which is to start a membership or a directory (influencer) website.

You’re all familiar with some of these huge brand directory sites like yelp, airbnb, yellow pages, trip advisor, we all know them. Often times people are paying for listings, increased visibility, or unlocked functionality.

We’re using this strategy as a great foot in the door to build relationships with a ton of business owners at scale. And of course, it’s easy to do because business will always need to advertise and find new ways to get customers. Most businesses today are completely lost when it comes to digital marketing. So If you choose to deploy this type of business model, you could quickly have multiple businesses paying you each month or year to gain exposure on your site. Which as we all know, is good now because it adds more money to your bottom line each year, but in the future, if you want to sell your business , those with recurring revenue will always call for a higher price point.

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The only hurdle when normally creating these types of sites is how long it would take you to #1 build them and #2 collect the business info to add to your site. Well not for me or you.. 🙂 If you want access to the software I’m using you can check out the free training at where I go over all of the details.

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Oh yeah one last thing I wanted to mention about this video, I’m also going share with you a new spin on how I’m cornering the entire business market here in Hawaii. Sound good?

Let’s go!


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Make Money Online with a Business Directory
Make Money Online with a Business Directory

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Make Money Online with a Business Directory
make money online business
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23 thoughts on “Make Money Online with a Business Directory make money online business”

  1. This is is really educative and mind blowing ideas i’d hope to have a chat with you in private if you wouldn’t mind i’m form westAfrica and your video has helped me a lot and change so many perspective inna positive way..looking forward for a chat..thanks..

  2. I honestly resonate with you, you are an inspiration for me because I used to work in the automotive industry as well and I started this entrepreneurship journey in part thanks to you and Paul James, kudos to you I hope I can meet you someday and have a drink, cheers to you Nick, keep up the good work

  3. I'm sorry but this shit you spill about is no better then a self help book. If people would stop being sheep and falling for every self help crap and just go out and do it, even if you fail, learn and repeat without the mistakes. Easy

  4. Hi Nick,
    Amazing presentation and business model in helping businesses.
    Let's take it one step further and combine your efforts with my and my team in order to bring back up to 20 % back into the businesses from their bills. By lowering their overhead their DMO will improve.

  5. Hey Nick, Great Idea – and I love the name. Looks like another winner
    BTW, I just subscribed (I thougjht I had in the past but must have missed the button!)

  6. Obviously a great idea that should work well for anyone who will put in the time needed. Just curious: how did you get such a gorgeous website up in a short period of time, and can you give us a ballpark figure for the initial expense to do so.


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