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My 10 Complaints With The Mach E mustang mach e technology

It’s been 2 weeks and a few things have gone wrong, and some thing I’m just not a fan of. What are they? Let’s dive in!

Note: Yes, you can get a steel roof in the Mach E, but only the base trim.

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My 10 Complaints With The Mach E

My 10 Complaints With The Mach E

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My 10 Complaints With The Mach E
mustang mach e technology
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48 thoughts on “My 10 Complaints With The Mach E mustang mach e technology”

  1. It’s crazy this was made 6 months ago and I still have the issues of the one I bought 3 days ago. Ford still didn’t fix the issues 😂🤣 wonder what’s their plan 🤔

  2. all your complaints comes down to 1 thing. It's not a Tesla. You probably wanted a Tesla, but you didn't want the wait, and the dealership convinced you that MachE is similar to a Tesla.

  3. "At some point in the future…" you would have to drive your Ford into a "dealership" to fill out forms and stand in a queue to get an update that could very well be done OTA. Welcome to the future…

  4. The problems you are talking about using the phone as a key have nothing to do with the car, it is the phone being locked and every phone takes a while for wireless functions to work while being locked, that is for battery saving purposes. And it’s worse if you have it on battery save mode like iPhone has the ability to

  5. I made a test drive of Mach E. Driver’s front seat is horrible, did not expect such bad seat from Ford. It is a dealbreaker for me. The main problem is not tilting of the bottom part of the seat which put additional strain on the spine

  6. I agree with Ford. If Tesla is corrupting the system with bad range estimates, don't follow them. Offer accurate range. Just because someone does the wrong thing doesn't mean you have to. Be better than Tesla, if you can. If its not an apples to apples comparison, that's not Ford's problem. Do it right.

  7. Ok…your complaint with the car not detecting your phone right away, has a lot to do with your poor signal from your phone carrier…..and you get one fob because your phone becomes a second key and the Mach e is the on Ford car that you can drive with just your phone!!! I have a Mach e it’s the base model (select) has had it for 2 months now and we love it!!! We live in Orlando and with AT&T we always have 5G and so the car is very responsive with its functions….

  8. And my 10 complaints: 1. Poor range. 2. Poor CCS (non-Tesla) EV Supercharging infrastructure in the USA. Multiply this x5 and you get my 10 complaints! 😂🤣😂

  9. I’ve had the phone as key issue with my model 3 since I bought it back in 2019…no updates to fix it from Tesla. I even upgraded my phone and the issue persists

  10. I went to a dealership yesterday in Norway and i saw the Key and it had a button to open the Frunk.. This seems to only be missing in Markets that have the Panic button.

  11. I wish ford would use the same made up numbers as Tesla ??? Really? So you could compare them? Then just make up some BS and compare it. Otherwise I’d rather have real world numbers to use all day long. So much for this channel 🙁

  12. the one key fob is due to the chip shortage that's been going on the entirety of covid. It's not just a ford thing, honda is doing that as well in order to manufacture more cars. It's either make 1 key fob and they can make two cars, two key fobs and be only able to push out one car.

  13. The Apple car play thing is a definitely a problem. Another problem we ran into was that the SiriusXM stopped working in the middle of a drive. We called SiriusXM and they said it wasn’t a problem with them. The next day we get in the car and the Sirius is back. I think the software is just a little touchy right now

  14. I understand why he said ford should play the game. Because consumers will just look at the "higher" tesla numbers and lean their way. Tesla needs to be called out on it in every EV vid whenever they are compared.

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