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Home » PlayStation 5 Pro & XBOX Refresh Leaks: Do gamers want 8K consoles in 2023? technology gamer

PlayStation 5 Pro & XBOX Refresh Leaks: Do gamers want 8K consoles in 2023? technology gamer

PS5 Pro is coming, but what will it be? How’ll XBOX respond? [SPONSOR: The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

0:00 Almost 1 year after the previous “showcase,” Sony has a lot to prove…
1:35 PlayStation 2021 Showcase Leak – What will Sony announce on 9/9?
4:00 Why is this showcase more mysterious than last years?
6:50 PS5 Pro is Coming – But they’re considering radically different specs
12:57 Why it makes sense to release a PS5 Pro despite “shortages.”
13:38 XBOX Series S Refresh Leak – Stronger, cheaper, sooner!
15:55 Why there could be a 50% stronger XSS in 2022 without a new APU!
18:59 Summarizing Leaks in this video: Exclusives, PS5 Pro, XSS Refresh

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PlayStation 5 Pro & XBOX Refresh Leaks: Do gamers want 8K consoles in 2023?

PlayStation 5 Pro & XBOX Refresh Leaks: Do gamers want 8K consoles in 2023?

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PlayStation 5 Pro & XBOX Refresh Leaks: Do gamers want 8K consoles in 2023?
technology gamer
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32 thoughts on “PlayStation 5 Pro & XBOX Refresh Leaks: Do gamers want 8K consoles in 2023? technology gamer”

  1. I want to pin a few points here for people that click into this video from an article:
    1) This video does not confirm a "$700 8K PS5 Pro." It only outlines different design options, and if anything doubts an expensive 8K console is worth building.
    2) Any "$700 PS5 Pro" would be "8K" in the same way the PS4 Pro is "4K" – usually not literally, and almost always using something like enhanced checkerboarding or FSR.
    3) People are severely underestimating how much stronger desktop cards in 2023 will be compared to now. The RTX 3090 will be midrange at best by then.
    4) Sony & Microsoft making 6nm consoles in 2022 & 5nm consoles in 2023 will HELP supply. They are smaller nodes (more dies per wafer), and separate nodes (separate capacity).
    5) I unfortunately typed the wrong 7nm die size for the PS5 at one point (it's 308mm^2). What I typed was a shot at a 6nm PS5 – but the point still stands. Sorry!

  2. Maybe this is a stupid question, but wouldn't it make sense that the PS4 base model outsold the PS4 Pro because it had a 3 year headstart? My experience is completely anecdotal, but I remember everybody buying the hell out of the PS4 base model and then pissed when the Pro came out because all of the games became marketed with PS4 Pro features. I feel like there's a good chance the PS5 Pro will do much better this time around since none of the heavy hitting games (Spider-Man, God of War, Horizon) are coming out until 2023, when the Pro would most likely release.

  3. Here is food for thought, as more and more the software is released as an online service like office 360 google doc and so on Microsoft sees the writing on the wall, and they are preparing themselves for the ultimate lock-in platform.
    They sell you hardware that is really cheap, way cheaper compared to what the same value gives you in terms of hardware in a PC.
    This can run all their software including Office 360.
    Right now consoles are marketed as game machines but as parts are becoming harder and harder to find they must be complete idiots not to think that they can get an extra buck just by changing the marketing and advertising XBox-es as all in one computers.
    In fact, these machines are so powerful that one can have several thin clients served by the same machine.
    So one objective was to find the sweet spot for a low-end machine: Xbox-S. This should run light games and do most of the usual user tasks. This can also act as a thin client.
    The second objective, build a premium gaming machine: Xbox X. This can also become a server for the "thin clients" in the house. And all will be connected to Microsoft which is the main hub.
    Let's face it, it is hard to bring more realism to games.
    The AI entities running on current consoles are quite realistic. Adding more realism would require a lot more power than what can be packed in a normal machine at home and at the price level of a console.
    Rendering wise we are at a level that also exceeds most game's needs. So there is no need for more processing power.
    VR/AR can pose a problem but we are still years away from "lawnmower man" level in a consumer system. It doesn't matter if it is done via "Neuralink" type of interface or like the one in the movie. But this can be a simple add-on later.
    Persistency can be easily realized by using a central hub like the Microsoft servers. And this solves also the issue of more elaborate AI-s by offloading some of the "reasoning" to the main hub.
    The third objective was to add the Surface line which is marketed as a business device not because Xbox was not good enough but you can't go to your future employer with a console.
    So in my view, Microsoft aims to control the whole ecosystem with different tears of machines.
    This control is at a level that Apple can only dream of. But they are not very far of. Their hiring posts of Apple indicate the development of their own console.
    On Sony's side, I'm not sure if they have the same strategy. Still, they have been playing with Linux. Maybe by joining forces with Google Android and or Steam they could achieve something like Microsoft. After all, Google Android is on phones and even in cars. This is probably the part where Microsft really is behind but I'm sure they will get there. I'm talking about having a real phone contender.
    So 4 platforms:
    1. Microsoft with Office and their Windows ecosystem. Still misses a truly mobile platform and a car. But they aim to run android apps directly in Windows so they just need to make a decent phone too. They could make an alliance with Hyundai for cars and have access to Boston Dynamics tech at the same time.
    2. Apple with their ecosystem still misses a console and a car. It would be interesting if Apple approaches Tesla to cover this aspect
    3. Sony still misses a development platform, an office suite, and a car but they could cover this with Google's ecosystem. It would be funny if Google announces one day saying that they are acquiring Sony's console business because Sony can't compete with Microsoft anymore.
    4. Google. It failed with Stadia but they can still acquire Valve and get a hold of Steam. It has a mobile platform. It has no car but a very strong knowledge of self-driving cars. It has google docs.
    All are aiming to control every aspect of one-s life and they are converging.

  4. No Tom, I don't think gamers want 8k gaming. I think most of us still don't own 8k TVs, maybe a good portion now have 4k TVs and are trying to get hardware that runs 4k games at a satisfactory framerate before we even THINK of buying an 8k TV. nevermind GAMING in 8k.

  5. In my oppinion, a resolution beyond 4k is unnecessary for gaming, Babbling Boolean made a video about it. 4K 90hz/120hz with FSR would be the maximum that a normal costumer would need, I believe. Then you could even use a new PS VR.

  6. I’m happy with my consoles for a while , as long as they hold up I’m happy. I was fortunate enough to get both disc versions of the new consoles and I’m not ready to upgrade anytime soon. I don’t think 8k will look much different unless you have a very high end monitor or tv , and I have a 2021 Sony tv so I’m set for a while , I’m done spending money on consoles and accessories , now I’m just waiting for games . Games Games GAAAAMMMMEEESSSS !!!!

  7. Unless they reduce the price of 8k televisions it's not really worth upgrading we only got into the 4k era so I think Sony just wants to mess over the public who are still trying to get hold of a playstation 5 and why release a pro why stocks won't recover til then🤔

  8. Xbox should go all in for the low-end. Just think of Timmies mom in best buy Christmas 2022. Will she pick up the $300-$400 PS5/PS5 slim or the $200 Xbox where she can pay just $12 a month for Timmy to have over 100 games to play.

  9. I just want 4k60 flat out for visual mode and 1440p/ 120hz performance. That's not that bad would love Sony to adopt a 1440p native screen mode. I have a g27q 1440p 144hz monitor and the ps5 will play either 4k/60 or 1080/120.

  10. 4k 144hz (I think TV's use 120) Forget 8k if games still slogging around at 30fps, and to get 60 you need to reduce graphics making it uglier than if it was just created with lower specs in mind.

  11. I definitely don't care about having 8k on my consoles, I can barely tell the difference between 1440p and 4k sometimes at the distance I normally sit from my TV lol. I could see it being nice for people that get small TVs for their desk and PC (like the 43inch LG CX) but it's just a waste of performance for a normal living room setup.

  12. Would be nice to see a new Resistance and Killzone. Ps since the 1st but the lack of content on the 5 is killin me! I was given an old xbox one and woahhh the game pass alone was jaw dropping imo. All the old games! Black, Skate, all the Dooms plus alot more. I can't believe I'm saying this but Xbox is looking like the better console at this point.

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