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The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025 technology evolution

VR short for Virtual Reality is already shaping & transforming almost every field in our lives. Major technological breakthroughs underwent in 2020 in virtual reality and by 2025 the industry is expected to reach about $88 billion in revenue.

VR headsets will possibly morph ever so closely to a lense. One major obstacle the virtual reality industry needs to overcome is locomotion. While common locomotion methods such as joystick walking and teleportation are the fundamental ways of moving around the virtual world, this sector leaves much to be desired.

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Luckily there are many companies focused on this issue such as Kat walk with their latest omnidirectional treadmill called Kat Walk C. Full body haptic suits are also in development such as the teslasuit. Many other VR companies are also focused on bringing the sense of touch into virtual reality. In this video you will learn about the latest technology, games, software & hardware, driving the VR market forward.

We are living in interesting times. It will be fascinating to see if by 2025 VR will reach high tech as we’ve seen in the movie ready player one.

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The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025

The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025

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The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025
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48 thoughts on “The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025 technology evolution”

  1. The most likely time VR like ready player one would come to reality would be around the time when neuralink or other brain chips companies becomes available in masses .Somewhere around 2035-2040

  2. Thank you very much for this video; I am looking forward to wonderful technological advances in VR.
    I have been a computer gamer since I sat down at my first C: prompt in 1988. And I have been into VR since the HTC Vive came out in 2016. I currently own the Oculus Quest 2, my latest of five different headsets. I can use my Quest 2 completely wireless or with Oculus Air Link to access the Oculus software on my gaming tower. And whenever I want, I can also use Side Quest, Virtual Desktop, and Streamer to access my Steam game library all COMPLETELY wireless through my 5K router.

  3. The next big thing in technology that's going to explode soon, mark my words,is VR . Kids can go to school in virtual reality,take out virtual books sit at desks with their friends ,either looking like themselves or as a type of avatar character they can choose. Ppl will work in VR, sex will be in VR with virtual dolls and shit.virtual art and engineering , gaming unlike anything ever seen,especially once we have haptic gloves and suits and most importantly, omnidirectional treadmills/machines… It's going to change our world soon. Everything will be done in augmented or virtual reality. Concerts. Hangouts. Movies with friends and loved ones watching a giant imax size screen on a beach in tahiti lol. The possibilities are endless. The book ready player one and ready player two are most accurate to our future I've ever seen. The movie was "MEH" but the books are incredible as it is our future for sure

  4. Developers need to understand that in VR the sound alongside optics are fundamental, you might get away with repetitive sounds in a desktop environment but it is not the same way in a real-world environment, when it comes to sounds the golden rule needs to be a long as possible repetitive loop, a different tone, and a difference in decibels for every sound in part, this way atmosphere can feet in and become truly immersive since we are not used to same repetitive sounds in reality

  5. What if we are already living inside VR ? The probabilty that we do is much greather than the probability that we don't.. What are the odds we are living EXACTLY in the period that these technologies are 'invented' instead of lliving AFTER or BEFORE the period of their creation? We are living in a VR-world , using VR .. VR > VR …So who controls this VR-world ? What rules are there? Are these rules the same for everyone? Are their cheaters/invisible mode/hacker/etc ? If we accept to use technology like smartphones to control our lives withour ourselves having control over the smartphone, at what point in time and why did mankind accept to live in a VR world to create their lives ? Can we get out?

  6. i never had interest in vr. i thought it was cool, but never cared to get into it. then one day i made a quick and unplanned decision to get an oculus quest 2…. the best purchase of my life. i see the future of this, and cant wait to see what comes out of it!

  7. just like the "internet" when it was at it's young age…it was all about chatting online!…now look at the "internet" today…..endless possibilities ….Same thing is going to happen for "Virtual Reality Games"…VR is blowing up with VR chat atm…soon! WATCH VR is going to change everything.

  8. I love how in the thumbnail you have FUCKING WAR MACHINE! 💀💀
    Like in four years everyone will be playing vr in billion dollar fictional avenger suits.

  9. Even the most advance tech you talk about in this video will never be mainstream. It's all gimmicks and marketing hype. VR can't succeed without true SAO style VR where us fat fuck humans can actually game without working out.

  10. This video forgot a huge part of future vr development, and that os BCI (Brain to computer interface) and vice versa, this can be used to allow us to FEEL sensations without there actually being anything in reality, or even allow us to MOVE even though we don't move in reality. It is probably important to mention that these developments won't be available by 2025, but a weaker form of them may be, so it should've been worth mentioning.

  11. It really amazing the potential for VR, right now its in its infancy stage, the problem is demand, mainly the graphics, and processing power needed for bigger title games linked to a PC, otherwise they are always small indie games. Of course advancements in these types of games could create more demand and it will but, the biggest factor is the processing power these small units have for what everyone wants which is life-like realism in terms of graphics. That being coupled with the 6 degrees of motion where talking HUGE amounts of computing power, however with the release of 5G where enormous amounts of data can be streamed from servers far from you in, say, Googles VR Servers or something, then they can have the best most powerful computers and you pay a subscription on their cloud gaming platform and run games not even on your device, rather than you needing the hardware, the device just acts like the monitor that you view your actions and commands given to the servers via 5G. However, this will need to be marketed as such and bring awareness to this new feature when someone, like one of the VR companies figure out how to do this. 5G is already being rolled out in big cities, big games just arent focusing that much on it. I think people will go out and drop $1k to have an experience like that if it existed.

  12. Putting a display on your face doesn’t feel like going back in time. Major breakthroughs are going to have to happen for people to enjoy vr passed a screen in your face and the vomit inducing locomotion

  13. Only reason playstation is in lead on sales is because people didn't wanna spend a tonne on a gaming pc just to run the oculus but now they are standalone aswell I reckon they will go threw the roof I had a Xbox series s got a refund and got a oculus Quest 2 best thing I ever did 1 I ain't sat on my arse being a lazy shit and 2 it's a amazing feeling to be submersed into something else other than reality call it a life from life community is amazing the tech is amazing and I think it will save our kids future more than the sit on your arse console

  14. I am 46yrs old & I remember owning the Atari 2600 in the early 80's we all thought that was cool until the original nintendo came out in 1985 & we replaced the Atari with that. Video games has come along way since the 1980's and now we have virtual reality & I am excited for that and looking forward to the future to see more advancements in virtual reality.

  15. At least they can start by putting the hardware in a belt around your waist, and then use super light material to hold the lens so you won't need to have heavy and hot VR unit on your head…

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