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The Future of Digital Marketing Will Surprise You digital marketing ads

Don’t try to go viral, post COVID what you’re going to see is a lot of people continuing with online commerce, which is going to increase the demand for digital marketing, but it’s also going to increase our competitive digital marketing as well. Focus on what you’re naturally better at because that’s what you’ll enjoy and just double down on and be the best person at that one thing.

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Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the future of digital marketing. Where’s my size. All right, as you guys can see and the future is not what you think, but don’t worry not everything has to be grim there is some good news as well.

How many of you guys or what percent of the voice searches will be in 2020? What do you think, what percentage? Go for it, yeah you, you really do listen to marketing school a lot, 50% it is. Things are changing, how are you going to monetize when someone’s doing a search over a Lexa device or Google Home, how are you going to monetize that? Have you guys ever thought about that, 50%? I want that revenue for that 50%, don’t you guys.

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So there’s a lot of things that are changing. What happened to Google’s revenue during the recession? They went up, what do you think is going to happen to their revenue during this recession? It’s probably going to go up.

They’ll figure out ways to make it go up if the cost per clicks go down you may see more pay listings on page one, right? Generally speaking performance advertising continues to go up, if you spend a dollar on paid ads you expect to make more money than what you spent, would you guys agree with that statement?

So during a recession, if you still spend a dollar on Google and you make $2 do you think you’re going to slow down because it’s a recession? No, it doesn’t matter if it’s a recession, a bull market, a bear market. If you can spend a dollar and make $2 as long as it’s profitable, including all your other costs you’re going to keep spending as much money as you can. And that’s what you’ll see, people will start moving their traditional ad dollars more over to performance-based marketing during recessions.

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Marketing is going omnichannel, no shocker, which place gets the majority of the revenue? Google. Who has the largest market cap? Google.

Next one, Facebook ads make sense. Facebook has a huge market cap. Then you get into SEO and content marketing and social media marketing and then other. SEO may get a lot of the clicks but paid advertising, spend a dollar make $2. You don’t have to wait a long time people keep spending. Conversion rate by channel, Google ad words, Facebook ads, SEO content marketing, social media, other.

Average number of social shares per post, it’s been continually declining. What do you think is going to happen in the future? You think it’s going to go back up? Nope, if you want to go back up what are you going to have to give Facebook? Money, that’s the reality of it.


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The Future of Digital Marketing Will Surprise You

The Future of Digital Marketing Will Surprise You

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The Future of Digital Marketing Will Surprise You
digital marketing ads
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  1. Ooh yes!

    Personalization is the new conversation rate optimization.

    That hit home, and it's something that we do a lot of within our membership sites and our clients' sites.

  2. Neil I came across you while taking the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. My head is spinning with so much great digital marketing information that you are providing. Thank you!

  3. A decent enlightening post that you have shared and appreciate your work for sharing the data. I value your endeavors and all the best. Praise your work and continue sharing your data.

  4. Question:
    I have a brand/business which is about producing and selling sustainable farm raised products. Selling actual physical food products.
    I also have a digital course under my namesake that teaches people how to produce and market their farm products and how to have a successful farm. Should i combine these 2 brands on social media or website for a stronger presence/authority? Or keep them separate and just do the teaching digital aspect under my personal name since it is 2 different customer avatars that I am after, farmers vs. food buyers?

  5. Great quote "You don't make money by making money, you make money by helping people solve their problems" – This quote is so important for companies that forget what their main purpose is.

  6. Hey Neil I have one question
    If you are doing local marketing for a product which is already in the market and doing great than urs…. does google gave leverage to local players? Or more money matters more…need clarity…

  7. I think if you're talking about the future, you need to mention cookie depreciation, the subsequently built autheticated solutions (i.e. ATS) (which dont work by the way), the growth of OTT. Also- attribution methods; Privacy changes are going to be so many changes to attribution and thus reallocation of paid media dollars, getting a fundamental understanding of such should be priority #1 for digital marketers. At least for med. to large sized businesses.

  8. Building relationships online, and allowing your brand to find personal affiliation with its target markets is increasingly important in today’s world. With the potential to reach an almost infinite range of audiences both nationally and globally, digital marketing can build and nurture relationships, achieve high levels of penetration, foster engagement and in doing so, attract the online traffic your business needs.

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