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This Project Blew Up…PlanetWatch Earnings Are HUGE financial advice

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This Project Blew Up...PlanetWatch Earnings Are  HUGE

This Project Blew Up…PlanetWatch Earnings Are HUGE

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This Project Blew Up…PlanetWatch Earnings Are HUGE
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24 thoughts on “This Project Blew Up…PlanetWatch Earnings Are HUGE financial advice”

  1. Just for your info. You are not earning that 28planets on Type 4. Planetwatch allways get the 20% of this planets mined, so you only will receive the 80% > 23.04 as a max. This applies for all kind of sensors. You have to calculate it with the second table not the first. It's still a huge passive income.

  2. ROI on my Atmotube in 40 days…another 20 days and I’ll have the 3-year license paid off too! Need to get an Aircino next! Planetwatch 🚀🚀🚀

  3. I just ordered one and the license because… why the hell not?! Helium mining has made me some good money to spend on more crypto-earning projects. Now I'm just waiting for FreedomFi to give us more updates.

  4. Careful with those type 1 sensor rewards calculations. All type 1's will not get the 133 planets / day payout. It is first determined by the location of the sensor. Based on the current map PlanetWatch uses, I would say the majority of type 1's will receive 66 planets, if you are the primary sensor…hopefully they will change that in the near future. It's a great project but do your research.

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